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Are You Thinking Strategically About Your Website?

Designing and laying out the pages of a website isn’t just about what you think looks right, or about what everybody else does. It requires strategic thinking. If you strategically organize your website, you’ll make it more effective and see better results. Starting with the Goal in Mind To strategically design a website, start with …

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Why Go Social when you’re Not?

Do you feel stressed or discouraged at the thought of having to add social media to your business advertising mix?  If you do, then chances are you are one of the secret minority who have vowed never to join Twitter, and you’re sick of hearing about Facebook (that thing your teenager haunts). Relax.  Social media …

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Does your Blog Need a Mobile WordPress Plug-in?

If you have a blog, don’t assume it will translate perfectly to mobile:  Chances are, it has at least 2 columns, and runs ads, graphics and is set for a screen width that’s (at absolute minimum) 760 px wide. Besides, even if it was able to load in and emerge with a readable format, you …

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