Mobile content marketing attracts new and keeps current customers

I'm sure you know by now that the only real Internet marketing is content marketing, and now we have another way to market our content and that is via mobile content marketing.  Mobile content marketing is one more platform in your content marketing strategy. Mobile content marketing is another way to market to your clients, as well as a way to attract new clients who are too busy to sit down at a computer to look at your website. Continue reading

Five time saving tips for Social Media strategies

Social Media StrategiesSaving time on social media is a must if you want to escape time wasters and time suckers. Setting up a system can help avoid many of the distracting games, gossip, and out and out worthless parts of social media. There is a time to play games, but it's not while you're at work. Even though you don't have a boss looking over your head, the time wasting will catch up with you. You need to control it, not let it control you. Continue reading

Is there really gender discrimination in business?

In a private Facebook group, I noticed a lot of people were looking for a tech person to work with. So, I introduced myself. Upon returning to check on the status, I saw a post at the very top of the wall from a guy who also introduced himself as a coder. Continue reading

I Will be a Conqueror of 2012

The Word of God…we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. (Romans 8:37)

The last few weeks of 2011 found me looking at and examining my relationship with God. I have not been as faithful as I wanted to be during the year. Yes, I prayed, I studied my bible and even read it during the year. But, I fell short when it came to having a daily relationship with Him. There were many days that I let other things get in my way of having devotion and prayer, spending that precious time with Him that is essential for my growth. Continue reading

Connect With Customers

Social Media BallToday, business is all about relationships. We buy a car from the guy our neighbor's brother recommended. We hire the contractor our mother's accountant used. We go see the movies that everyone on Twitter talks about. So finding ways to take business relationships beyond transactional is a sure-fire way to cement yourself in the minds of your customers.

Social media – blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, – are all ways to connect with your customers, family and friends. And if you can use these tools to establish and enhance your relationships with your audience, you've got a leg up on your customers. Some examples are:

  • The yarn store owner who tweets her new customer to ask how the new sweater is coming along…
  • The car salesman who leaves a link for $10 off an oil change on a customer's Facebook wall…
  • The homeschool curriculum vendor who records a short video showing how to set up a classroom in the home in a back bedroom…
  • The golf instructor who holds a Skype party during the Masters…

Possibilities are as endless as the world of Internet business. You will notice some commonalities between the ideas above:

  1. They're relevant. They are directly applicable to the niche or industry you're in (the golf instructor, for instance, isn't sending out oil change coupons; the yarn store owner isn't hosting a Masters chat).
  2. They're personal. Each interaction connects with the audience in a manner beyond a simple “buy my stuff” way.
  3. They're useful. Each interaction provides value to the recipient. In some cases, it's a dollar savings (the coupon); in others, it's informational (the video and the sweater inquiry). And even the Skype party is useful in terms of entertainment. The recipient is better off for having taken part in the interaction.
  4. They're free. They don't cost anything on the part of the person reaching out.
  5. They're relatively low on the time-investment scale. A tweet or Facebook post takes seconds; the video, a bit longer, but actually saves time in the long run as the vendor is answering a question she receives over and over again. The Skype party takes place during an event the golf instructor was going to watch anyway.

In sum, social media provides ways to reach your customers on an intimate level, quickly and inexpensively. People want to be treated as individuals, not as numbers. And social media provides a way to do that without spending your life on the phone.


Team Facebook or Team Google?

Do you know how to see the future?

If you do, then the whole world is all yours for the taking. At least, that's what online marketing expert Jonathan Budd says in his video Get Traffic 3.O. Jonathan tells us the importance of predicting the future – learn the trends and how to be in front of them!  Continue reading

Article Marketing And Search Engine Optimisation: The Advantages Of Applying Them

The internet provides a multitude of business prospects for folks all over the world, and most of them have chosen to create their own sites in order to publicize their respective services and products to anybody who needs them. Having said that, the main problem is that these rookie site owners have no idea where to start in terms of site promotion and presume that showcasing their sites is going to be accompanied by a high price tag. There are numerous ways for you to make this happen with little (if any) monetary outlay and these approaches also offer favourable results! This article discusses two proven site advertising approaches: article marketing and search engine optimisation.   Continue reading

Earn A Living On The Internet And Get Through A Tough Economic Climate

The old approach of putting all of your eggs in one basket isn't such a good idea in these modern times, especially with a tough economic climate. Countless people have lost their jobs and are looking for ways for them to pay their bills and continue to support themselves, their wife or husband and children. If you embark on a brand-new career path and learn to make a living on the internet, you'll acquire a modern and stable source of income that would help defend you against unforeseen declines and major events. This article tells you about the various ways you could earn money on the web and the stuff that you ought to consider after you make the leap towards establishing and also running your own home business. Continue reading

Create A Free And Easy Website To Help You Make Money Working Online!

There are many ways to make money working online as an Internet marketer. It can be as easy as choosing an E-book to promote and driving traffic to your Product Owner's site. This can be quite successful, but understandably, many want to move on to another stage. One way to do this is to build your own website to inform your readers, before offering them the chance to buy your affiliate products. One of the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways to achieve this is to use WordPress Blogs. Continue reading

Online Marketing: 8 Ways To Build Trust With Your Customers

Making money on the internet through online marketing is only possible by building trust with customers. Big brand stores that have a physical presence do not have the same challenges that the smaller business needs to manage. For example Amazon and Ebay both have extensive review processes and most likely have an employee whose sole job it is to manage the area of trust. As a smaller business owner, your challenge is to provide trust to your customers. Continue reading