Fantastic Facebook Fanpages

As you look at the current Social Media frontier in the latter part of 2009, it is clear that there are two particular channels that have become “shining stars” among the business community.

Any idea what those two channels might be? Let me tell you…

Twitter & Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook Fan pages are one of the hottest pieces of Real Estate on the Web today especially since Facebook made some positive changes back in February of 2009. Presently, over ten million users become fans of Facebook pages each day. There are essentially five reasons why Facebook Fan pages are such a compelling channel to increase your business visibility:

1. Fan Pages facilitate greater interaction with a target audience.

2. Fan Pages are very SEO friendly and well indexed in Google.

3. Fan Pages allow you to build and connect with an unlimited fan base.

4. Facebook Applications enable you to now create visually appealing FB landing pages.

5. Fan Pages are a powerful viral marketing tool. As users interact with your page, this shifts to their walls and news feeds leading to increased exposure!

Our colleagues at the training center, seem to have the knack for creating training programs just at the right time when the market demand is on the rise. Businesses are ultra motivated to create compelling Facebook Fanpages, but either lack the time or expertise to pull it off. VAClassroom has recently launched a new two-week mini-course called: ‘Fantastic Facebook Fanpages”. In this short mini-course, they going to cover such topics as:

– How to design, develop and market your fan page with a user-friendly step by step guide
– How to create visually appealing Facebook landing pages similar to the one we created for our fan page (
– Success strategies for leveraging Facebook applications to increase the visibility of your business
– Simple SEO tips for helping your pages get more traffic from the Search Engines
– Practical tips for building a targeted email list with your fan page.

And so much more!

Registration is officially now open for this new mini-course starting on October 19th! Just click on the link below to grab your seat today!

IVAA Online Summit – Not to be Missed

The IVAA Online Summit committee has been working hard behind the scenes creating an incredible line-up of session topics, expert speakers, and an AWESOME keynote speaker who will help us create, “Your Link to Success”.

The committee has decided to entice you to take advantage of our Early Bird pricing available to IVAA Members Only with an exciting drawing for a Logitech Clear Channel Wireless USB Headset – a $100 value.  Already registered, no problem, you’ll be included in the drawing, too! 😉

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The drawing will be held on October 1, 2009, and the headset will be shipped to you in time to use it on November 6, 2009 at the IVAA 4th Annual Online Summit.

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Virtual Event Specialist

I am not sure if you were aware but the Virtual Event Industry is actually one of those markets that has GROWN in leaps and bounds during this economic downturn. 67% of professionals responsible for physical events report that overall attendance has dropped, and 76% of businesses say have already begun using or plan to start using Virtual Events in 2009.

In fact, 70% of Corporate Event Organizers predict a reduction in live events in 2010, and forecast major growth in virtual conferences and webinars. There is no better time than now to position yourself as a Virtual Event Specialist!

The popular training center, has just unveiled the first ever Virtual Event Specialist Certification Program.

This training course has been about 12 months in the making and is being launched at an opportune time, when Virtual Events are growing at a rapid rate! VAClassroom has a knack for providing the right niche training opportunities at the right time.

This 4 week live training program will cover the key set-up, implementation and management activities for the 5 most popular virtual events in 2009, including tele-events, webinars, live podcasts, online radio and webTV.

There are only 60 spots available for this live program and they are going fast! Just click on the below link to get all the course details and enroll today:

Plus, VAClassroom is offering some cool bonuses just for this first live program including a 60 day membership to Leesa Barnes' Association of Virtual Event Managers, Organizers and Hosts. This bonus will essentially connect you with the clients that are in great need of Virtual Event Specialist services!

With the rapid growth and popularity of Virtual Events, this training will give you a competitive edge and ultimately increase your client and income opportunities here in 2009 and beyond!

Using Your Website to Gain Subscribers for Email Marketing

The task of building a list of subscribers for email marketing isn't too difficult if you already have a website that has engaging content and decent traffic. However, your visitors won't just decide to sign up just because you give them an option to. There are ways to optimize your site for the purpose of building your subscriber list without compromising its current state and making it look like just another sales page. To help you use your website to build your subscriber list for email marketing, consider the tips discussed below: 

1) Make Your Sign-Up Form Visible 

The first step to getting sign ups for email marketing is to let your visitors know that they have an option to subscribe for more information. For this reason, you need to make it easy for them to find your sign-up form. If possible, you should position it in a way that it is visible no matter which part of your site a visitor is viewing. 

2) Provide Incentives to Subscribers

All internet users have become wary of signing up with their email addresses because of the many ways it can be used for activities unfavorable to them. This is why getting them to subscribe to your mailing list can bring up concerns for privacy. To put such privacy concerns to rest, you need to give your website visitors powerful incentives to subscribe. For this reason, statements like “Register to Receive Our Weekly Newsletter” or “Sign Up for More Information” will no longer be enough to gain subscribers for email marketing. You will need to experiment with different statements and incentives in order to find exactly what it is that will work for your specific target audience. 

3) Minimize Required Fields 

Although getting as much information as you can from your subscribers will allow you to fully customize your email marketing campaign for each of them, it may not be a good idea to ask for too much information right away. If your subscription form requires too many fields, potential subscribers may easily be turned off and refuse to fill it up. Generally, all you really need to ask for is the subscriber's name and email address. 

4) Send an Email at Once 

To manage expectations, immediately send emails to all those that subscribe. These emails should contain everything new subscribers can expect from your newsletter. The same email should contain instructions that will allow new subscribers to confirm their email addresses. This will help you make sure that all the email addresses in your mailing list are valid and all those who subscribed are actually interested in what you have to offer. Doing this will help you avoid statistical nightmares when tracking the results of your email marketing campaign.

Always remember that visitors won't subscribe to your newsletters just because a sign up form is available on your site. You need to woo them with incentives, entice them with proper communication strategies, and make it easy for them to sign up for your newsletter. As long as you keep all these in mind, you can make good use of your website to gain subscribers for email marketing.

Do you Need a Virtual Assistant?

Do you have a small business or are you a solo-preneur? Are you in need of administrative support help? Do you find that you use the time that you should be earning money to complete day-to-day support tasks? Hiring a virtual assistant may be the perfect solution for you.

According to the International Virtual Assistants Association, “A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent entrepreneur providing administrative, creative and/or technical services. Utilizing advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery, a professional VA assists clients in his/her area of expertise from his/her own office on a contractual basis.”

Virtual assistants have a multitude of skills, and work with business owners as office support staff. In the business world, they are referred to as secretaries, office assistants, administrative, and executive assistants. Virtual assistants work from their own office and have their own equipment.   They pay their own taxes, and charge only for actual time worked.  By contrast, for in-house support staff, you are responsible for salaries, benefits, equipment, office space, and employment tax. Virtual assistants are a cost-effective way to run your business.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a necessity for many small business owners. VAs can be responsible for such tasks as general administrative support, web design, content creation, article writing, blog updates, and email campaigns – or your social marketing needs. With your busy work covered, you are able to concentrate on the task of earning revenue for your business.

Most virtual assistants see themselves as a partners working with you to help grow your business. They can also be a source of networking for business resources and tools. Although they work off-site and independently, they can become an important part of your team.

Researching and Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Finding and hiring the virtual assistant is not something that you want to rush into. Before choosing a VA, you should discuss their skills, services, and fees, and you should check their references. Ask for referrals from friends, business contacts, and other small business owners. You can search online at International Virtual Assistants Association.

Virtual Admin Professionals is a virtual assistant company that provides online business management services to business owners seeking administrative help. Contact me for a 30-minute free complimentary consultation to discuss your needs, and how I can be of assistance to you and your business.