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I, for one, believe that social media is here to stay, the platforms may change, but the concept shall remain. That means that we need stay up-to-date within the social media world, if we use it. The challenge of staying informed also brings the how-to and what to use it for dilemma. One of the …

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Five time saving tips for Social Media strategies

Social Media Strategies

Saving time on social media is a must if you want to escape time wasters and time suckers. Setting up a system can help avoid many of the distracting games, gossip, and out and out worthless parts of social media. There is a time to play games, but it’s not while you’re at work. Even though you don’t …

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Connect With Customers

Social Media Ball

Today, business is all about relationships. We buy a car from the guy our neighbor’s brother recommended. We hire the contractor our mother’s accountant used. We go see the movies that everyone on Twitter talks about. So finding ways to take business relationships beyond transactional is a sure-fire way to cement yourself in the minds …

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Exactly Who’s the Boss Here?

This post appears on the NAVAC Blog. By Sheila Edens-Brown Thursday, Juy 29th, 2010 After 20 years in the corporate world, I experienced burn-out to the point where just thinking of going to work would make me literally sick. It was at this point that I knew that it was time to put my dream …

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Advertising in a Social Media World

The last few posts talked about advertising in a world where social media is growing  leaps and bounds. The traditional marketing way is still here, but it may not be the best form of marketing for you or you may need to combine the traditional with the social. We need to remember that we are …

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My Challenge – 30 Day Blogging

Wow! 30-Day Blog Challenge. It’s a challenge that I am looking  forward to. Posting to my blog has been sporadic, but I understand that it takes 21 days to change a habit. I am going to use this opportunity to get in the habit of posting daily. I see this challenge as a way to …

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Why Local Businesses Should use Social Media?

You may be thinking that Social Media is not for local businesses that it is for those wanting to reach consumers or clients in another state or around the world. Not true. There are two key factors that contribute to the success of your local brick and mortar Social Media efforts. The key factors are: …

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Your Social Media Strategy for 2010

What are your plans for your Social Media Strategy for 2010? You do have one don’t you?