The last few posts talked about advertising in a world where social media is growing  leaps and bounds. The traditional marketing way is still here, but it may not be the best form of marketing for you or you may need to combine the traditional with the social.

We need to remember that we are working with two different mediums. What works on one – even if it's your strongest ad – may not work on the other. It's important also to match the ad with the right social network.

My husband whose career is in sales says that the best salesperson has mastered the real secret of selling: Don’t appear to sell. Instead, “help” the customer figure out what she needs – and provide it.

Social networking is ideal for this friendly, conversational approach.

However you choose to advertise – traditional media, social media or a healthy mixture of both – do make sure that you fit it in as part of your long term marketing plan!

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