j0439836 If you have a blog, don't assume it will translate perfectly to mobile:  Chances are, it has at least 2 columns, and runs ads, graphics and is set for a screen width that's (at absolute minimum) 760 px wide.

Besides, even if it was able to load in and emerge with a readable format, you need to remember that many people are paying heavily for each megabyte downloaded on their mobiles (not to mention for the time)… and they're not going to wait twenty minutes for all your graphics and plug-ins to load.

One superb and very user-friendly plug in is WordPress Mobile edition. If you can't find it by searching the plug-in section via your blog Dashboard, you can easily download it from WordPress.org's plug-in section. (It even allows comments – something that is often a problem.)

One word of caution: If you have one of the smaller mobile phones, avoid the popular Carrington theme recommended on the WordPress.org WordPress Mobile editions page.)

According to WordPress.org, this plug-in works particularly well on Blackberries, iPhones, Androids, touch phones, all wireless, and PDA.

Advertising, Anyone?

If you want to display ads, the Mippin Mobilize plug-in (also found at WordPress.org) is a configuration-free plug in. It works by redirecting other mobile users to Mippin's rendering of your blog. This is a nice plug-in, because it scales photographs to conform to your mobile site visitor's screen width, and converts vides to 3G format.

Customization, Anyone?

If you'd rather customize your blog theme somewhat, a plug-in you might like is MobilePress. This one isn't available at WordPress.org, but you can find it on its home site, http://www.mobilepress.co.za/

It's biggest benefit: Allowing you to use customized themes, and it also allows specific themes for the iPhone, as well as the Opera Mini browser and Windows CE Mobile. (Surprisingly simple to install!)

So there you have it:  3 fantastic plug-ins to help your WordPress blog go mobile.

(Perhaps the new mobile technology is going to end up being easier to adapt to than we think!)

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