CHICAGO, IL – Changes in the economy, coupled with statistics showing alarming numbers in corporate and government unemployment, have indirectly assisted in the phenomenal growth of an increasingly popular go-to resource for small and entrepreneurial business owners; the Virtual Assisting industry.  Between May 20th and 22nd this year, Virtual Assistants (VAs) and their business partners will be furthering their growth as business owners, as well as the growth of the VA industry by attending and participating in the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention ( 

As a member of this virtual industry phenomena, Chicago resident, Sheila F. Edens-Brown, will attend this year’s May 20-22, 5th Annual Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (OIVAC); specifically designed to enhance the ability of attendees to grow their businesses and combat economic obstacles.

As attendees participate from the comfort of their homes, via the Internet, they forego travel/airport hassles, airfare costs, hotel bills, the high cost of registration fees and even the fatigue traditionally associated with conventions. More importantly, they access communication and technology training and are able to network with their peers, without leaving family and business.  

“The Convention brings together VA’s from around the globe and provides low cost training and extensive networking opportunities that are second to none,” says Sharon Williams, OIVAC founder. “Today’s economic landscape is having a global effect and this online, interactive convention provides communication and technology training, workshops and networking opportunities that increase business growth at relatively low costs.” Visitors can also frequent online exhibitor halls and spend time interacting with VA and non-VA industry vendors in VoIP and text-compatible meeting rooms.

“The industry has exploded,” says Edens-Brown whose company specializes in social media, internet marketing and managing virtual events for clients. Edens-Brown originally conceived the idea for her business in January 2001, starting her business in order to partner with other small businesses that was unable to hire in-house secretaries.

Since 1996, thousands of administrative professionals around the world have taken the necessary steps to become highly successful VAs. This year’s convention focuses on the importance of keeping current with technology and business and marketing strategies for an extremely lucrative VA business. For more information about this year’s Convention, visit 

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