As you look at the current Social Media frontier in the latter part of 2009, it is clear that there are two particular channels that have become “shining stars” among the business community.

Any idea what those two channels might be? Let me tell you…

Twitter & Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook Fan pages are one of the hottest pieces of Real Estate on the Web today especially since Facebook made some positive changes back in February of 2009. Presently, over ten million users become fans of Facebook pages each day. There are essentially five reasons why Facebook Fan pages are such a compelling channel to increase your business visibility:

1. Fan Pages facilitate greater interaction with a target audience.

2. Fan Pages are very SEO friendly and well indexed in Google.

3. Fan Pages allow you to build and connect with an unlimited fan base.

4. Facebook Applications enable you to now create visually appealing FB landing pages.

5. Fan Pages are a powerful viral marketing tool. As users interact with your page, this shifts to their walls and news feeds leading to increased exposure!

Our colleagues at the training center, seem to have the knack for creating training programs just at the right time when the market demand is on the rise. Businesses are ultra motivated to create compelling Facebook Fanpages, but either lack the time or expertise to pull it off. VAClassroom has recently launched a new two-week mini-course called: ‘Fantastic Facebook Fanpages”. In this short mini-course, they going to cover such topics as:

– How to design, develop and market your fan page with a user-friendly step by step guide
– How to create visually appealing Facebook landing pages similar to the one we created for our fan page (
– Success strategies for leveraging Facebook applications to increase the visibility of your business
– Simple SEO tips for helping your pages get more traffic from the Search Engines
– Practical tips for building a targeted email list with your fan page.

And so much more!

Registration is officially now open for this new mini-course starting on October 19th! Just click on the link below to grab your seat today!