In a private Facebook group, I noticed a lot of people were looking for a tech person to work with. So, I introduced myself. Upon returning to check on the status, I saw a post at the very top of the wall from a guy who also introduced himself as a coder.

Now, I'm not that naive to think I am the only geek in a group. There are probably many people better at tech than me in any group. What gave me pause was, why this guy's introduction got so many responses when mine hardly went noticed.

A horrifying thought flashed through my mind. It couldn't be true. Did he get more attention because he's… a man? Maybe you have experienced something similar. Something that made you stop to wonder if you didn't win the bid, secure that client or get that exposure because you are a woman. Then, you look around and it looks like all the top dogs are men.

Of course it depends on the industry you are in but I'm here to tell you, even in seemingly male-centric arenas, there are plenty of women quietly making serious coin. Sometimes, we aren't seeing the ladies because women simply aren't vocal about their successes. And, when we toot our own horn, we often express it in an entirely different manner.

For us, being able to support our families and being there when the kids get off the bus mean a whole lot more than ‘crushing it' or making a million dollars in 24 hours. I'm not saying women don't strive for that. I'd love to make that kind of money any day. It's just, our goals are often more immediate and realistic.

That is why it's always refreshing to hear stories about real women and how they broke through the barriers. If you need a little inspiration from authentic women just like you, head on over to SoloMasterminds. They are bragging on three ladies who turned their wildest dreams into reality while juggling homework, laundry, whiny children, soccer practices and meal plans.

As for that little incident I told you about earlier, after giving it more thought, I decided it had nothing to do with gender nor discrimination of any kind. There were plenty of logical and probably more accurate explanations like the timing of our posts and how quickly my post got buried under a flurry of activity.

What I learned that week – focus on being awesome instead of speculating about something that may not be true because when working for yourself, there is no glass ceiling. Especially with an Internet business. Don't take my word for it. Check out the three case studies and let those women tell you their story.

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Lynette Chandler helps small businesses leverage technology in their marketing. She is also the resident tech expert at SoloMasterminds

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