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Put on your thinkin' cap for just a moment.  What do these have in common…

  • A “perfect game” in baseball
  • Doppelgangers
  •  Haley's comet sighting
  • Your “soul mate”
  • The Hope Diamond

 Even if you know nothing about the first four, hopefully that last one was a giveaway.

 These are all rarities, right?

 These are things that don't come around very often.  They are unusual and, because of that characteristic, they are considered quite valuable.

 Everyone once in a while something comes along that is added to the list of “rarities”. 

 The one I want to tell you about today happens, well, once every TEN YEARS.

 It was ten years ago this month, August 2000, that Jimmy D. Brown started his first successful internet business which launched his “career” as a full-time internet marketer.

Profits Vault became one of the most popular early IM membership sites and was an active part of his business until he closed it down last year. 

Today he's reopening it to celebrate his TEN YEAR anniversary! 

He's put together a package of products, reports, mini-courses, and articles that are mostly UNRELEASED content that he's either personally written or co-written.  All of these come with full PLR (private label rights) licenses!

 Get the details  here.     

 If anyone knows about private label rights content, it's Jimmy. He didn't create the autoresponder.  And he didn't write the first salesletter.  And he didn't create the first popup.  He didn't do a lot of the things that have become common to internet marketers.

 But he DID start the PLR (private label rights) market back in 2003 and he DID launch the first successful PLR membership site in that same year.

 He knows about PLR content!

 During the past seven years since he launched “Products In The Rough” which expanded into Nicheology, there has been a flood of “PLR” materials hitting the web on just about every topic imaginable.

 He classifies these materials into three categories…

  1.  Crummy.  (Bad, very bad)
  2. Common.  (Ordinary, average)
  3. Choice.  (Rarities!)

Truthfully — and you know this is true if you've bought any PLR content — the overwhelming majority of the materials are worthy of a “crummy” rating.  Following not too far behind would be “common” PLR content. 

And in a class by itself, there's probably about 1% of the PLR content out there today that really is “choice”. 

It's rare.   

Rarer still do you get the opportunity to grab up “Choice” PLR content that has NEVER-BEEN-RELEASED that was written by a recognized expert (not gonna use the word “guru”!) in the internet marketing arena.

 Today is an exception.  It's one of those rare days.  One of those 1% moments.  Once very ten years in this case as he celebrates his ten year anniversary. 

There are so many things you can do with these materials –

  •  Create your own original articles.
  • Build rebrandable reports.
  • Edit them and sell them as your own.
  • Convert them into audio products.
  • Develop a coaching program around them.
  • Stock a membership site with them.
  • Extract parts for blog posts.

There's only ONE catch!

This package will ONLY be available for the NEXT 10 DAYS.  On Friday, August 27 at 10PM CDT will once again be shut down and the package will no longer be available.

 So, drop by today and see if this package is right for you.

UPDATE:  There is a “Fast Action” bonus for the next 100 people only who order … PLR license to a 70 page product of Jimmy's!

Click here for details.

Even if you don't plan on using this content until down the road, you won't find better quality content for the price. 

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