Niche Affiliate Marketing System (NAMS) Workshop 3
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If you've done any affiliate marketing at all, you'll be quite familiar with the phenomenon of the Super Affiliate.  When you have a force of 100 affiliates, a Super Affiliate is the who's responsible for 79% of your sales. 

10 Super Affiliates are capable of achieving more results than 1,000 lukewarm affiliates who don't want to put any work into raking in your commission checks.

Well, I'd like to suggest that there's a rare creature called the Super Fan. She lurks on social networks, enthusiastically creating a buzz about your brand, product or event… and a hefty percentage of your actual conversions are thanks to her.

Super Fans generously perform a variety of functions:

– They rope and bring juicy prospects right to your corral (when you're not even there).
– They keep discussions lively and ongoing.
– They fend off the sort of bottom feeders that love to stir up contention on social networks, and are quite capable of eloquently coming to your defense.
– They provide you with a living, breathing, ongoing testimonial .
– They promote you better than that guy you hired, last year. The one with the dazzling website and clever graphics.
– They keep you in front of your market.
– They do all this because they believe in you.

If you've got even one Super Fan like this, you need to be thinking about what to do to reward her.  Often all it takes is noting more than your attention and interaction.  In short, your respect.

Value your Super Fans. Openly appreciate them.

And if you haven't yet got any on your social networks – better put your thinking beanie on and figure out… why not?

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