Finding your ideal niche can be a lengthy process. Rest assured it is well worth the effort. When you find a niche topic you’re interested in that can generate profits your business building dreams will come true.

Step One: Create a System to Organize Your Ideal Niche

One of the problems that will quickly pop up is organization. As you are brainstorming and researching you’re going to generate a lot of data and ideas. Tracking this information from the beginning will save you time and energy. You may want to consider using:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Mind maps
  • Three ring binders
  • Notebooks

To keep track of all of your information. It really doesn’t matter what system you set up as long as it supports you and you’re able to use it consistently.

Step Two: Brainstorming Your Ideal Niche

This is a step that you may come back to several times. Begin by creating four columns:

  1. Things I’m passionate about – For example, maybe you absolutely love Lemonade.
  2. Things I’m interested in learning about – For example, maybe you want to learn more about writing romance novels.
  3. Things I’m good at –For example, maybe you’re good at painting.
  4. Thinks I know – For example, you may know a lot about makeup.

Don’t censor yourself. Write down everything that you can think of. Have fun with this step and take your time. Sometimes you may think of a great idea while you’re driving or in the shower. This may be a several day process. That’s okay.

Step Three: Brainstorming some more

Chances are that your initial brainstorming phase just touched on basic ideas. Painting for example. That’s not a niche. Painting cats might be a niche or water color painting flowers might be a niche. So now it’s time to further brainstorm each potential idea.

Step Four: Research Your Ideal Niche

Once you have an exhaustive list of possibilities, and you may have 100 or more, it’s time to start the research phase. You’ll be using a keyword tool here like Google AdWords external or Wordtracker. Research each possibility based on supply, demand and profitability. You may also generate new niche ideas during this phase. For example if you type water color painting flowers you might get a list of keyword possibilities like water color, painting flowers for beginners, or books for water color, painting flowers. Research these niche ideas too.

As you research each niche possibility you’re going to be throwing away most of them. Hopefully, a few ideas will have good potential. If not, and this happens often, you’ll need to go back to step two and start the brainstormings process over.

Finding a good niche can take time and patience. Trust the process and know that when you find your ideal niche everything will start to come together. Your niche is the foundation of your online success.