A trade show is one of the best ways your company can show off its latest products, services and activities to your target audience. Members of the public and trade, company and press representatives attend these events to scrutinize and learn more about your product to decide if they want to buy it. So, you want to make sure you capture the attention of everyone who walks past with a strategically designed booth and eye catching trade show banners.  

The artwork on your trade show booth is all important as it represents the face of your organization or company. A booth needs trade show banners with the right mix of imagery, color and text, along with your company's logo, in order to draw in visitors to your stand. If your neighbor's trade show booth looks more professional and exciting, you can be sure that visitors will wander right past your display: research shows that you only really have about 3 seconds in which to catch a visitor's attention.

Here are some tips for designing a great exhibit with trade show banner stands:

1. Know your target audience – Think about what kinds of words, messages, images and text will appeal to your audience. If you're selling a product, have photographs or video demonstrations of your customers using that product. Or if you sell a service, consider having photographs of satisfied customers with short testimonials or keywords. Being creative, innovative and out-of-the-box is all important. If you sell internet marketing services, for example, you want to show that you're hip, media savvy, and in touch with the latest trends. So, a display with an LED monitor showing images of Facebook, Google, Twitter, MySpace and other platforms might be in order, rather than a more static exhibit.

2. Make a call to action – A call to action on your trade show banners is important to encourage your customers to take the next step towards buying your product or service. So, if you're an internet marketing company, your call to action might be “To rank number one in Google, talk to a booth representative now!” The call to action should sum up what you're all about and the main service you provide so that it is clear to visitors. The last thing you want it to confuse visitors about what kind of business you are, which could drive them away in search of trade show banners with a clearer message.

3. Know your company's branding – You have a company branding, so make sure you use it on your trade show banner stands. There's no point in having a great logo, website, printed marketing materials, flyers and business cards all displaying your corporate colors and style if you don't use them on your trade show exhibit as well. Make sure your exhibit uses colors that match your brand and elements of your major advertising and promotional campaigns. So, if you're that internet marketing company and you use social media icons like Facebook and Twitter on your advertising, use them on your trade show banners, too!

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