I am not sure if you were aware but the Virtual Event Industry is actually one of those markets that has GROWN in leaps and bounds during this economic downturn. 67% of professionals responsible for physical events report that overall attendance has dropped, and 76% of businesses say have already begun using or plan to start using Virtual Events in 2009.

In fact, 70% of Corporate Event Organizers predict a reduction in live events in 2010, and forecast major growth in virtual conferences and webinars. There is no better time than now to position yourself as a Virtual Event Specialist!

The popular training center, VAClassroom.com has just unveiled the first ever Virtual Event Specialist Certification Program.

This training course has been about 12 months in the making and is being launched at an opportune time, when Virtual Events are growing at a rapid rate! VAClassroom has a knack for providing the right niche training opportunities at the right time.

This 4 week live training program will cover the key set-up, implementation and management activities for the 5 most popular virtual events in 2009, including tele-events, webinars, live podcasts, online radio and webTV.

There are only 60 spots available for this live program and they are going fast! Just click on the below link to get all the course details and enroll today:


Plus, VAClassroom is offering some cool bonuses just for this first live program including a 60 day membership to Leesa Barnes' Association of Virtual Event Managers, Organizers and Hosts. This bonus will essentially connect you with the clients that are in great need of Virtual Event Specialist services!

With the rapid growth and popularity of Virtual Events, this training will give you a competitive edge and ultimately increase your client and income opportunities here in 2009 and beyond!