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By Sheila Edens-Brown

Thursday, Juy 29th, 2010

After 20 years in the corporate world, I experienced burn-out to the point where just thinking of going to work would make me literally sick. It was at this point that I knew that it was time to put my dream of being a business owner in place.

After going through the motions and getting everything in place, it was time to hang out the shingles. Just the thought of being a business owner was exuberating. I had my first client within two weeks, even though she is taking a break from her business because of the death of her husband, she is still my client and we have had a wonderful relationship. All have not been like her. There were control issues; money problems and just not letting me do my job because they felt they knew better than I how to accomplish the task.

After becoming a part of the NAVAC group I discovered that I was still working under the employee mindset and that my clients were calling the shots.

Kim and the group showed me how I needed to be in control, that this was my business and that I was the one to determine how my business was to be run; I was the boss and not the employee. It was at this point that I revised my policies and payment procedures. A clear line was set as to my office hours, how task would be completed that would benefit the client and myself and that I was the one to determined how the business was to be ran.

If you find yourself struggling with your business and finding it hard to be your own boss you need to become a part of NAVAC. The benefits you walk away with are the wealth that you need for a striving business.

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